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Install Flash 9 player together with debugger in Ubuntu

I reinstalled my old D600 laptop with Ubuntu for server side coding/testing at home. Also I want to install Flash 9 player/debugger together. Firefox is supported very well from Adobe, it could install Flash 9 player the same way as Windows. I downloaded Flash 9 debugger player and installed it as plugin for Firefox without any problem. (Flash 9 debugger player together with Alessandro Crugnola‘s Flash tracer extension of Firefox is a perfect runtime testing environment for Flash/Flex applications)

I need another browser with the regular Flash 9 player. This time I installed Opera. I opened Opera it said Flash player was not installed. Good. I downloaded Flash 9 player for Linux package and tried to install it manually this time. But my surprise, the Flash player installer only try to install on .mozilla folder, it say ‘do you want to install another folder’, but no option for you to install to other folder, for me, I want to push them into Opera folder /usr/lib/opera. How can I do that so? (I don’t have time to change that shell installer.)

I checked opera/plugins/ folder. I guess maybe I could copy file directly over there. Ok let me try. I copy it (sudo required). Then open Opera. It works, cool!