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Technical Differences between Film Compositing and Flash Design

The main difference of course film compositing as image-based animation do not care about size of results, but Flash design cares, which mostly have to transmit through Internet but still keep a reasonable framerate. Visitors couldn’t suffer from long time loading, also, small screen or low quality of .flv, .rm, .avi movies are limited to be used in very few situation, as well as a back-end media server necessary.

What I’m talking about here is differences technically. Flash is another kind of movie, another kind of film, it could still have better quality in wide screen if smart organized. Flash can put layers, use media assets repeatedly, as well as coding effects with actionscript. But know first differences is necessary before think about what can we do in Flash design with film effects.

  1. Flash have to use less size of media assets, and maybe change something-not-so-important to still image. We know even in film compositing, we could always use still images, while the results could be ‘animated’. But if in the scene of film some parts is not important to eyes, we can use still image in Flash instead especially if it’s too large like a background, we change position, rotate, resize, blur(moving further distance) and ignore small changes of those.
  2. Film could use varies of effect plugins, Flash couldn’t, Flash use have to coding with actionscript, even when those plugins we can code (always but not all), we have to think about the CPU/Memory used at that time and frame.
  3. Film could be very detailed while Flash design have to be neat. We should emphasize what important you want to show for eyes, make that detailed while simplify others. Because Flash also animated film, human’s eyes could only remember simple visual details, so in Flash we could benefit from this.

My Thoughts: Why Flash Could be Combined with Film Visual Effects In Some Ways?

I remembered Macromedia (yes, that Macromedia before acquired) announced in the new release of Studio 8 in 2005: Flash is communication. Usually that means they offered Flash to web and mobile, and a high rate of people could reach Flash.

Adobe Studio 8, meet your match

But communication has another meaning. Communication not only to speak a sentence, but should also tell stories, to let listener good understanding, and experience. In the web design world, Flash has been excellent, mostly together with graphics design, and make them move. But, there’s a large number of Flash design today it just move, not motion, not truely experience.Film tells stories, a perfect kind of communication, film could even make you cry, make you laugh, that’s the effective of telling a story. Today I have seen some good designed Flash also some effects of film-like, and really good experience, not to cry or to laugh, but impressive. That’s communication!

Well, Flash meanly transmitted via Internet, to give people some film experience you can use Real/MS Media, even youtube? No, Flash is interactive, better to communicate even than those! (Further more, I found mostly direct video services through Internet they’re all in equal quality of all details, and when we want to see more details on some parts of screen, never could.)

So why I think Flash could be combined film visual effects in some ways?

First, Flash is from film techniques, the way you using in After Effects might some day be used in Flash design. Flash donot support 3D, but you could design fake 3D; donot support 3D animation and filter effects, you could use actionscript to make it happen(of course a balance for CPU/Memory overload).

Second, eyes like to abstract a screen while ignore details. Film gives all details from a camera, but eyes try to ignore many of them; when eyes feel a line or a curve of screen, they will acknowledge that first, and check which details eyes perfer to see. So even Flash have to cut many details to save bytes, if good designed, experience could be the same (maybe light weight of course).

Third, FLV alpha film support. Not everything can do with a browser Flash plug-in with complex film techniques(for example you need a Trapcode shine effect, even you can code), but with FLV alpha support, it will reduce some essential tasks from Flash design/develop to film post-production applications. Even sometime just some parts of the film, several seconds, they will make a perfect experience of film with Flash, also, interactive.