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AIR Mac-only Crashes

The team I recently working with mainly developing AIR application on Windows Vista, our designers using Macs though. AIR can be run both on Windows and Mac, but we experienced several Mac-only crashes.

We have several Flex developers, I have to use some of my time review code for other developers even rewriting some of buggy code. The designer working on Flex Builder for skinning will run the application on his Mac a few days a month, until he ran Flex Builder we knew the application got crash on Mac. I had to use several hours to find and fix the problem. A month and more later he opened his FB again and the application crash again.

Crash Reasons?

Totally three Mac-only crashes I fixed. Now I work remotely at home and using my own Macbook so there will no more ‘silent’ Mac-only crash will happen. Here’s reasons I found which caused Mac-only crashes:

  • SQLite database object AMF3 deserialization, in a special case of object serialized with a single object to be stored several times into database table.
  • A fault application menu was added.
  • SQLite database, a write transaction was added into a function which has several read transactions running in parallel. Also, it seems several ‘select all’ read transactions at the same time cause occasionally crash as well.

Avoid Mac-only Crashes

  • If application need to be run on Mac, have at least one developer working on Mac. Fixing a Mac-only bug after several weeks is hard than regular bugs. For agile development, bug should be find as soon as possible, if a month later find application cannot be run on Mac, a senior developer have to use at least several hours if unlucky.
  • Be careful when working on SQLite database. The first crash was because of an unsafe usage of reference, reuse a single object reference sometime cause unknown issues like this; for 3rd crash, although SQLite can have a single write transaction to be run at the same time of several read transactions, as ‘writer’ will wait for an exclusive lock until all ‘readers’ complete, SQLite engine inside AIR might not handler it correctly, at least on Mac.