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Rewrite Flash Application with Flex

I’m working on a Flash application hard-coding with Actionscript 3. I used to make it in Flash CS3 (code with FlashDevelop of course). In the beginning everything looks perfect. With Flash CS3 I managed Sprite layers myself, I created lightweight buttons, labels, different kinds of data grids, radio buttons, comboBox, calendar, everything from scratch with code and symbols. But problems coming up. My data grids have to support drag’n’drop here and there, and I find quite often I have to layout many a lot components, it’s a big headache to adjust position and size of components with actionscript directly. And I need many a lot hours to test with server API and dealing with up to ten kinds of server responses each view. I felt I need time to create drag’n’drop manager, popup manager, layout manager, transition manager classes. But I don’t have time before deadline! So now, I have to rewrite it with Flex. Honestly, I hated Flex 2, I thought I would never have desire to play with Adobe/Macromedia components, I want to make every components myself, lightweight and special. But unfortunately, now I hug Flex.

Flex is fast.

I eat fast food quite often every week in Canada. I don’t have enough time to cook, so I eat fast food. Adobe said, Flex is fast. Oh well, truely fast, to run a Flex application on web wouldn’t be fast like Flash applications, but for development, it fast (or fast food).


I like pure actionscript code, quite neat architecture and easy to organize packages. MXML annoy me, I hate to mark Bindable here and there, but it have to admin, MXML make layout simple.

Develop Flash Application with Flex

I would say it’s good to design (even develop some) a Flex application with Flash first. Last weekend I surfed many online Flex applications, most of them are dry and ‘Flex-like’. Design with Flash before code with Flex, helped me to Thinking in Flash but not Thinking in Flex.