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Squirrel Bubble Game AS 3 Experiment

I began to code AS3 games so started with a popluar bubble games, squirrels are lovely and could see everywhere in Canada, so I use ‘Squirrel Bubble’ as the name of my first AS 3 game. A squirrel will transfer a bubble to fire. ;)

Later I will add some script-based animation for another squirrel, walk around here and there, and improve the bonus part. Also it will have a top-10 score board, as well as sounds.

This alpha version I finished in 4 days, most of time coding and debugging (and a whole day for thinking and making squirrels). The debugging of Flash 9 IDE alpha is very limited, what I can do was only ‘trace’ and ‘try…catch’, costed me big hours.

Some rules:

After 80 shots there will be a health bar to indicate you have only 5 chances to failed before a line of additional bubbles will be pushed down. After 400 shots as health exhausted double lines of bubbles will be pushed down.

To play this game alone:

Current version: 0.1.0

Todo list:

Add back-end module – Top-10 score board. AI module: Another squirrel will play on the back here and there dynamically and greet you sometime.

I found my ‘lab explorer’ has something weird so I checked today. Actually the new AS3 flash.text.TextField is by default mouse enabled. I turned .mouseEnabled to false then it’s ok now.

AS 3 Snow Effect with Random Wind

Snow effect experiment in Actionscript 3, with random wind ( I used two sine waves actually). The SnowEffect class could be changed to different kinds of snow effects, as its wind, size, horizon height, intensity are all ready to be updated. Check to see the effects.

Source code (BSD License) available to download:

Update: Nov 13, 2007. Update for Flash CS3, last version was created in Jan 2007 with Flash 9 before Flash CS3 release.

Update Apr 2011: It seems some ppl still look into this years-old experiment, I made a quick update for necessary changes. The Flash file now in CS4 format(minimum version CS5 can support).

Math graph behind the snow effect as followed.