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Apollo New Explanation

Mike Chambers posted a new release of Apollo FAQ in labs.Apollo API:
  • We will be releasing a set of command line tools for Apollo that will make it easy for developers to do Apollo application packaging and development via their favorite IDE or editor. You may need to write additional code to take advantage of Apollo specific APIs. File I/O, Online / Offline, Windowing, Clipboard, System Drag and Drop, Full Network API support, Local Storage / Settings
      • The Apollo APIs are only exposed to Flash content via ActionScript 3 / AVM2, and thus Flash 8 / AVM1 SWFs will be able to run, but they will not have direct access to the Apollo APIs.
      I’m happy to know Apollo will have its own API, thus it wouldn’t be a simple yet-another-browser I thought before. Security model:
      • Provide a more standardized and consistent security model for Apollo applications and users.
      Inter-Apollo protocol:
      • We will be implementing an Inter-Application Communication (IAC) protocol to make it easy for Apollo applications to communicate with each other.
      • Download from the Adobe website
      • Distributed with Apollo applications (in case the user does not have Apollo installed).
      Database connection:
      • It will be possible to write Database drivers in ActionScript (leveraging binary or XML sockets), which would allow Apollo applications to communicate directly with a database (both local and remote).