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Flash Player 9 coming this summer

Adobe Flash Player product manager Emmy Huang announced today it’s now Flash player 9!
The features of this release include the ECMAScript Edition 4-based ActionScript 3.0 language and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2), which dramatically exceeds the performance of previous players. Flash Player 9 is expected to ship with the Flex 2.0 launch this summer. We expect to release an ActionScript 3.0 preview release (public alpha) of the next release of the Flash authoring tool, code-named “BLAZE”, on Adobe Labs around the time of the Flash Player 9 launch.
It’s clear the Flash 9 authoring tool alpha 1 will be released also this summer. By the way, in fact Flash player 8.5 when first time it released (alpha-1), it SWF file inside was named as Flash 9 format already.

Verizon Wireless and Flash Lite 2

Adobe announced today a deal with Verizon Wireless.
By launching Flash-enabled handsets, Verizon Wireless can reduce deployment costs, offer more consistent playback across diverse devices, and develop content and user interfaces three to five times faster than competing solutions. Verizon Wireless will be launching Flash-enabled handsets before the end of the year. Initial content and applications are likely to focus on traditional mobile services such as games, ring tones, etc. Our immediate goal is to enable Flash Lite on Verizon handsets, thereby providing enhanced user experiences such as enhanced WAP browsing, user interfaces, games, business applications and advanced phone-based portals. Expected to become available in the second half of 2006, the Flash Lite extension for BREW(Qualcomm) enables Flash content to run on BREW handsets. Many Verizon handsets use the BREW® Applications Platform and BREW Delivery System from Qualcomm® to deliver and update software on the mobile phone. The Flash Lite Extension for BREW will leverage the BREW solutions to deliver Flash-based applications and content on the BREW platform, available in the summer of 2006.
Adobe avoid to say ‘replacement’ but ‘extension’ for current developers of Verizon BREW platform.