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Bruce Chizen in Forbes Interview

Adobe CEO Chizen recently chatted with about his plans.
There are three pieces of the mobile strategy. The first thing: We want to get Flash, and in certain cases Adobe Reader, onto as many devices as possible. For example, Sony announced that they’re going to incorporate Flash into the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. In January, Kodak announced a camera with Flash on it. The second opportunity is providing client-servers called FlashCast or applications that we can sell to the cell phone carriers to help them push channels of information in a very engaging, interactive way. The data is being pushed when your phone is on but you’re not looking at it. [When you use the phone] you have something that looks really cool and very graphical with no delay. The third opportunity: What we’ll do is add mobile capability to Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash authoring and Dreamweaver, and potentially add more products, so creative professionals can easily offer content that can be deployed to non-PC devices. Today, with Acrobat, we are focused on the architecture, construction and engineering market. (The newly) Acrobat is coming in the fourth quarter of 2006. Creative Suite 3 will be introduced in the second quarter of 2007. There will be a lot of integration between Macromedia products and Adobe products as part of those offerings.
So Flash 9 supposed to be released next summer.

SmashingIdeas plans for Flash Lite Content distribution.

Smashing Ideas, Inc. in Seattle announced plans to aggregate and distribute Flash Lite content for mobile phones and consumer electronics devices.

Smashing Ideas is currently building its library of Flash Lite content including games, wallpapers and animations. The company is scheduled to release a Flash Lite Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution in the second quarter. “We believe offering developers a secure solution for the monetization and distribution of their content will further our ability to attract top creative talent wishing to discover new distribution channels for their work.”

Flex 2 Beta 2 Release tonight

Adobe is updating Labs pages right now, Flex 2 Beta 2 should be available tonight. Flex Enterprise Services changes its name as Flex Data Services, that means Adobe thinking about more possiblities of marketing, such as telecommunications I guess. Find a little brother there, Flex SDK 2.0!