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Flex 2 beta, Free SDK plus Enterprise Service

Sho Kuwamoto of Flex team.
We have made the decision to make the Flex SDK available for free (as in beer). We are talking about the shipping product. There will be a free version of the Flex SDK. This includes:
  • The MXML/AS compiler
  • The Flex class library
We have also made the decision to make a version of Flex Enterprise Services available for free. That version will be limited by number of concurrent users, and will not allow clustering. We will be offering multiple versions of Flex Enterprise Services. The entry level offering will be free. We will have other offerings that will cost money. These other versions will come in handy for larger deployments — larger numbers of simultaneous connections, clustered deployments for better scalability, etc.
Christian Cantrell of Adobe:
We’re also going to release a free version of Flex Enterprise Services that will be limited by the number of connections it allows, and will only run on a single server. View source support. If you want to share the source of your app, just enable the view source option when publishing, and Flex Builder 2 will automatically generate beautifully formatted source code for all the world to see along with a “View Source” option in the context menu. This is amazingly slick.
Mark Anders of Adobe:
When it ships, Flex Enterprise Services 2 will be free of charge for use with a limited number of concurrent users on a single, non-clustered server. There would be additional commercial license options for Flex Enterprise Services, including on a per CPU, per project, and per enterprise basis.
Ben Watson of Adobe:
In fact, we are going to be giving away for free a version that will allow you to have up to 20 users connected to a deployed application. Yes, you can use this for development, and that is the intent, but at this point it is fair to speculate that applications will be deployed on Flex Enterprise Services using this version.