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Distributed Media Server infrastructure

Macromedia media server using Edge (cache) servers to distribute media service, some like proxies of origin server. Like cache servers using for HTTP service, the role of edge server is first to collects the requests from a large number of clients and aggregates them into one connection to the origin server, and stores static contents(video streams and shared objects) in cache.

Micromedai Media Server 2

Macromedia released Media Server 2 today, replaced Flash Communication Server. I downloaded the free developer edition to have a look on it. Win32 version only 7M and Linux 10M.

Server default port: TCP 1935 ( registered in IANA) Admin port: TCP 1111

As I tested it, another two port 19350 and 11110 are also used by this server.
Hardware requirements: 3.2G+ CPU, 2G memory, 200M disk space, 1G Ethernet bandwidth. Protocol: rtmp/rtmps (between Flash clients and media server, rtmps actually https) Price: 100 simultaneous connections, $4,500; 5000 connections $45,000. (Update 29 Nov, one more 90-days Interim License for Flash Communication Server 1.5 developers: 2500 simultaneous connections, 25M bandwidth. )