Archive for September, 2005

Shared object

Working on some more complex shared objects these days.

Sep28-29 night. I found when create a new SO’s data have to initial with empty [] first. If not, no attributes could be assigned values.

Sep 29. The default SO file is in binary but can read easily with binary editor, as if ascii text. Let me try secure mode SO.

Disk storage size limitation.

Disk space is conserved through limits automatically set by Flash Player (the default is 100K of disk space for each domain). Capabilities exist for the author to include the ability for the Flash application to prompt the user for more, or Flash Player automatically prompts the user if an attempt is made to store data that exceeds the limit. In either case, the disk space limit is enforced by Flash Player until the user gives explicit permission for an increased allotment for that domain.

MD5 Code